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British Beef

All of our beef is sourced from local farms supplying great produce.

Rump Steak - The most economic of the steaks; it is less tender than fillet but is often considered the best steak for flavour.

Sirloin - A delicious and tender cut of steak – Porterhouse or Entrecôte. ('Tis said that this steak was made a knight of the realm by King Henry VIII.)

Fillet - Virtually no fat and very tender – Tournedos or Châteaubriand.

Rib Eye - Very tender and marbled with fat for a fuller flavour.

Minute Steak - Good value, this steak is cut thin so that it can be cooked in just a minute.

Topside / Silverside - Lean joints for roasting, usually sold with a layer of fat tied around it to keep it tender while cooking in the oven. Remove the fat to keep it extra lean if you’re intending to cook it gently over a long time.

Rib Beef - The traditional choice for Roast Beef. A moist succulent cut that is marbled with fat. Usually on the bone for a fuller flavour.

Brisket - An economic cut which is great for braising or pot-roasting.

Braising Steak - Cooked long and slow on the hob or in the oven with a sauce and vegetables, this steak can be just as tender and flavourful as it’s more expensive cousins.

Diced Beef - Perfect for stir-fries, casseroles & pies.

Minced Steak - A leaner minced beef for a healthier option.

Minced Beef - The most versatile mince! Chilli, Spaghetti Bolognese, Cottage Pie, Meatballs, Enchilladas, pie or patties…

Shin Beef - Another great choice for casseroles and stews although it needs a little longer cooking. Can give a wonderful gravy.

Skirt - A traditional and tasty choice for pot-roasting and stews. The skirt is cut from the flank of the animal and can even be grilled if it is scored and marinated before cooking.