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Outstanding Quality - We choose the very best meat, sourced locally in Norfolk and East Anglia wherever possible, so that you can be sure that only the finest ingredients go into the meals that you lovingly prepare.

Extensive Experience - Buying meat from Tony Perkins, your local butcher, means that we can give you the benefit of our experience, offering advice on the best cut of meat to use for your choice of menu and ensuring that the meat is prepared exactly to your requirements.

Personalised Service - We, at Tony Perkins, take the time to get to know our customers and their culinary needs whether they are cooking in a restaurant or family kitchen.

Delivery Area & Price - We make many deliveries throughout the area and try to be as flexible as possible for our customers. Please call for advice.

British Sausage Week - Check out our extensive list of Sausage varieties available for British Sausage Week, held in October/November each year! Every British Household spends an average of £22.24 on 8kg of sausages per year with over 90% of households buying them regularly. ...and when asked "Why" in a nationwide survey? "Because I've run out" is the answer! Do your bit for British Sausage Week and try out one of our exciting varieties today.