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Cooked Meats - All meats are cooked on the premises so that we can vary the selection available and give you the freshest produce.  A range selected from the following; Salt Beef, Roast Beef, Roast Pork, Ham, Haslet, Tongue & Turkey Breast.

Pies & Snacks - Our sausage rolls and scotch eggs are hand-made on the premises and are probably the best in the world (according to our customers!). We also make a traditional pork cheese (slow-cooked hock of pork, shredded with our own special seasoning and set in natural gelatin) together with locally-sourced pork pies and various flavours of savoury and dessert pies.

Lunch specials
Hot Bacon / Roast Pork rolls with “Perkies” stuffing and apple sauce
Hot sausage rolls, pasties & pies.

A selection of stuffed peppers, olives, black pudding & patés.

We like to keep our range of cheeses varied and while always keeping our customer’s favourites available, we have a good selection in store from the following:-

Norfolk Cheese - These fine cheeses showcase the best of our County.

Mrs Temple’s Cheeses are made from the milk of the award-winning Chalk Farm herd of British Holsteins and her cheeses are created by hand using traditional methods near Wells.
Binham Blue - a soft creamy cheese with blue veins, showcased on BBC2’s 2006 Great British Menu programme when it was used by Michellin-starred chef, Galton Blackiston of Morston Hall in his creation of a menu fit for the Queen, winning the regional heat.
Walsingham - a matured crumbly cheese, which makes an ideal Norfolk ploughman's lunch.
Warham – a semi-soft cheese flavoured with Cumin.

Ferndale Norfolk Farmhouse Cheeses are made by hand on the farm with raw milk from cows grazing pastures in the beautiful Glaven Valley.
Norfolk Dapple - A hard, un-pasteurised clothbound cheese matured under closely controlled conditions developing a distinctive dappled rind and a delicate grassy flavour.
Norfolk Carrow – A hard cheese with wholegrain mustard.

Willow Farm Deopham is a self-contained business producing milk from a herd of white Friesland sheep for their cheese and yoghurt.
Norfolk White Lady – A brie-style sheep’s milk cheese, hand-made from unpasteurised milk.

English Cheeses
Applewood Smoked – From Somerset, this smooth close-textured smoked Cheddar is coated in paprika.
Admiral – Cheddar & Port layered with Blue Stilton.
Blue Stilton – Hand-made by one of the last independent Stilton makers, Colston Bassett Stilton is unrivalled in the World.
Brie – A very creamy flavour from this West Country Brie made in Cornwall.
Cathedral City – A popular matured block Cheddar.
Clawson Low Fat – Only 14% fat in this low fat hard cheese with plenty of flavour.
Cornish Organic Brie – A soft and creamy organic Brie from Cornwall.
Cornish Yarg – A unique cheese with a mild flavour and firm crumbly texture. Hand made in Liskeard, it is wrapped in nettles for an attractive finish and distinctive taste.
Cotswold – Double Gloucester, Chive and Onion.
Organic Double Gloucester – A smooth and creamy organic cheese from Lye Cross.
Five Counties – Layers of five different territorial styles make up this colourful cheese.
Goodwood Smoked – A mature Sussex Cheddar naturally smoked over oak chippings
Huntsman – Contrasting layers of Double Gloucester and Blue Stilton
Innkeeper’s Choice – The addition of pickled onions give this mature cheddar an extra bite and makes it ideal for a ploughman’s or a sandwich.
Lincolnshire Poacher Vintage – This extra matured cheese has a strong nutty flavour.
Meldon – From Devon, this delightful cheese has added ale and mustard seeds.
Mexicana – Possibly the hottest new Cheddar for years, peppers and Mexican spices give this cheese it’s kick.
Rutland – Cheddar cheese with a garlic and parsley flavour.
Sage Derby – A firm crumbly textured cheese with a delicate flavour of fresh sage.
Scrumpy – Made to a Cheddar style recipe, this cheese from Sussex is loaded with cider, herbs and garlic which is added to the curd.
Warwickshire Truckle – This full flavoured mature cheese is made by the well respected Fowlers Dairy and has a firm, yet creamy texture.
Wensleydale – The only Wensleydale cheese actually made in the Dale. This outstanding cheese has a mild yet clean, crisp flavour and a crumbly moist curd.
Cheddar & Caramalised Onions – A strong cheddar with sliced caramelized onions from the Hawes Dairy in Wensleydale.
White Stilton with Apricots – The first and still the most popular of this unique range of cheeses.
White Stilton with Mango & Ginger – A popular new cheese from the Long Clawson dairy.

Welsh Cheese
Old Shire – This cheddar has a lovely full-flavoured creamy taste from the South Caenarfon Creamery.
Tintern – A firm matured cheddar which is treated to chopped chives and shallots at an early stage so that the cheese can be made and matured naturally. A quality blended cheese.
Y-Fenni – With the addition of wholegrain mustard and brown ale, this is a superb matured cheddar cheese.

Irish Cheese
Gubbeen – Hand made at the Gubbeen House Farm, this soft cheese is surface ripened for a good taste.

Dutch Cheese
Edam – Red-waxed best quality Edam.