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Metfield Pork - Our pork is supplied from the award-winning Metfield Pig Herd, which is reared here in Norfolk by the Mortimers of Fir Tree Farm. The Metfield Pig Herd has won awards at Shows throughout the Eastern Counties and we have built an excellent relationship with our supplier to increase our customer's confidence with full traceability and consistent quality assured.

Leg of Pork - A premium quality pork joint, the leg is great for roasting.  This lean meat from the hind leg should be boned, rolled and tied.

Loin of Pork - Excellent for roasting and the choice for a Crown Roast, the loin comes from the back between the shoulder and the leg. Loin Roasts with the bone in tend to be juicier and more flavourful but can be pretty tricky to carve. Boned, rolled and tied, it makes for an easy joint to stuff and carve.

Shoulder of Pork - The top portion of the front leg, the shoulder is relatively inexpensive so is perfect for a full-flavoured roasting joint when you’re on a tighter budget.

The Hoggie - Succulent Loin of pork boned rolled and stuffed with sausage meat and apricots.

Belly of Pork - An inexpensive cut of meat, the belly is perfect for longer cooking where other meats can dry out.  Boned and trimmed, with or without the crackling, roast it in the oven or cook it slowly over the barbecue wrapped in foil, finally browning it on the grill, without oil, before serving.  Slices are perfect for the barbecue.

Pigs Liver - A much stronger flavour that lamb or calf liver, usually the one for frying with onion.

Pork Chops - The most popular cut from the pork loin, partly because they are so easy to prepare; try them grilled with black pepper and honey or baked in the oven with cider and sage.

Pork Steaks - Steaks are very lean and are great for grilling, frying or barbecuing. Make sure you brush them with oil or bake in foil to keep succulent.

Pork Tenderloins - Tenderloin is the leanest cut of pork, comparable to a skinless chicken breast.  Cut from the loin, this tender elongated joint can be marinated or stuffed to roast or prepared as filets or medallions.  Again, be careful not to overcook to keep it succulent.

Diced Pork - Cut from the trimmed shoulder or leg, a lean meat for your stir fries, kebabs or casseroles.

Spare Rib Chops - From the shoulder, this marbled chop is full of flavour and is great value for barbecuing or grilling.

Meaty Ribs - These meaty belly ribs are great on the grill, “wet” (marinated in sauce) or “dry” (rubbed in spices).

Sausages - Either in traditional or Country-style, these are hand made thick and juicy sausages.  Cook them slowly, never prick them and cut the links cleanly with a sharp knife and you’ll have the perfect sausage.

Chipolata Sausages - Same as our thick sausages but in thinner links. Great with your roast or wrapped in bacon. Kids love ‘em.

Sausage Meat - A roll of our specially prepared sausage meat in either flavour for use in your stuffings, sausage rolls etc.

Our Guest Sausage! - Contact us or see our display in the shop for this week's Guest Sausage.

Tony’s Tips
1kg = 2.2lb / 1Lb = 450g / 16oz = 1lb / 1000g = 1 kg
If you have a meat thermometer, the final cooked temperature of your pork should be at least 75° Celsius.
Sausages to the kilo (16 for fat, 34 for chipolatas)