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Poultry & Game

Chicken - Our chicken is supplied by J.W. Diaper & Sons of Stowmarket, a family firm who has been in the poultry business for some 95 years with the creed of “Quality not Quantity”.

Free Range Chickens - J.W. Diaper & Sons' joint venture with Charles Nash of Woodbridge has produced the “Sutton Hoo” free-range chickens with the recent addition of their organic free-range bird, both of which are fed on a GM-free diet of mainly wheat which does not contain antibiotics, growth promoters or drugs of any kind.

Organic Chicken - The chickens are a more traditional breed kept in small groups, based in mobile houses which are lit and ventilated naturally allowing the birds to roam freely over 4 acres of pasture adjacent to Sutton Hoo, the Anglo-Saxon heritage site in Suffolk. The organic birds are differentiated by having a separate organic field and eating a certified organic diet together with being inspected and certified by the Organic Food Federation to guarantee purity and welfare.

Free Range Turkeys
- Our free-range Christmas Turkeys come from Godwick Hall at Tittleshall who have 35 years experience in raising the perfect Christmas bird. These Turkeys are bred to mature slowly over a six month period and are free to roam, eat, drink and sleep whenever they choose. They are fed on a GM free diet with no additives or growth promoters and because this process has been perfected over a period of many years, the flavour has developed and is recognisable to the consumer.

Extensive Options
- We have a variety of poultry products as exampled below but don't hesitate to get in touch if you have something specific in mind:-

Chicken Breast Quarters
Chicken Leg Quarters
Free Range
Free Range Bronze for Christmas
Turkey Breast Roast

- We have a wide range of game products available in season when at its best:-