Our Beef

We work closely with our trusted farmer suppliers and build a relationship that is aimed at working for the long term. “The scenario is simple,” Tony says, “They supply the best they can, and I pay their invoice.”

The Hereford is one of the oldest British native breeds of cattle. It is a traditional British breed that dates back over 300 years.

Today, we appreciate the importance of the provenance of our food. This is why we take great pride in showcasing the traceability of our Hereford Beef – from Clive & Paula’s farm gate to your plate.

In addition to traceability, Hereford Beef is renowned for its succulence and tenderness. This is down to a grass-based diet. The natural grazing systems adopted by the Bidmeads, ensure that their animals enjoy a stress-free outdoor life. This contributes significantly to the meat’s sensational flavour.

Here’s what Clive and Paula said:
“Over 30 years we have built a herd of Hereford cattle, a native breed that dates back to the 1700s, renowned for intramuscular fat (marbling) and along with the grass-based diet gives the meat its exceptional flavour. Animal welfare, minimal food miles, and working in partnership with nature are our priorities when managing the herd. Calving in the spring and autumn ensures we can keep a continuous supply of quality beef throughout the year. We work very closely with Tony Perkins to ensure the product we supply meets his customers’ requirements.”

Clive and Paula Bidmead, Rockland Herefords

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