Hereford beef

Hereford beef

“Quality Beef on the doorstep, it’d be a shame not to use it.”

I remember saying that, when I first met Clive Bidmead on the Hereford Cattle Society stand at the Royal Norfolk show a few years ago. At that time, Clive and Paula weren’t in a position to sell me any Beef but a bit later, they got in touch and we soon struck up a deal to get some of the Beef into the shop.

Since then, the Herd had grown a little and Clive has invested a lot into an expansion program to be able to send more to us.

We have become quite good friends through this as well, an added extra bonus from a business partnership.


On The Hook

Clive and Jamie checking out the Beef on the hook. Clive takes an avid interest in the Beef that he produces and regularly comes to the fridges to see how the quality is.


At the farm gate

Tony and Clive in one of the fields with cows and calves. The cattle graze no more than 5 miles from Attleborough. This keeps the all important food miles down to the bare minimum.



There’s a fine article in Saturday’s EDP farming section which is also available online – Cattle farm & butchers create superlocal food chain » (24/07/2021)

Thanks to Chris Hill, farming editor and Sonia Duncan for the pics.

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