Mothering Sunday Munchies

Mothering Sunday Munchies

March 14th is the day!

Now I know that we’re still restricted on how many we can have around the dining table but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it properly. There are certain occasions that deserve a treat and this is one.

If you’re going to roast, do it properly!

Especially for Mothering Sunday this year, we have a cracking deal on Turkey Breast Roast.  ONLY £9 per kilo!  A lovely succulent white breast meat only roast.

We know this will be delicious, we’ve been supplying this for many years to our loyal customers. Not only do they ask for it every Christmas but we stock it all year round as well. 

Normally £13.50 per kg we are pleased to be able to offer this at £9 per kilo saving you 33%

That’s an incredible 1/3 OFF!

You can choose the size you want. We can do 1kg, 1.5kg and a whole breast joint 2.5kg. (Please note that these are approximate weights.)

This offer is available online at or in store where our lovely Butchers can cut the size that you require.

Take me to the shop

Prefer a Leg of Pork? 

Don’t forget that we still have Pork Leg (boneless) at only £4 kg!  It’s been a great success and lots of you have taken advantage of this crack(l)ing pork offer which is now available both online or in store and where we can cut the size that you require.

Show me some leg…

I hope that we can soon see the end of this pandemic situation and return to seeing some smiling faces instead of behind a mask.  We would all like to meet up with friends and family again soon and thanks to vaccinations, we may well see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Until then, keep safe.
Tony & The Team

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