“What a Summer we’ve had!”

Just because you haven’t heard from us for a while it doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting on our backsides twiddling thumbs.

Summer is always busy for us here at the Butchers, mainly to do with the BBQ season but add onto that the guys naturally want to take holidays in the summer so the shift pattern changes to allow for a few shortages of staff. We’re not the only ones, you’ve all seen reports of staff shortages from lots of different trades.

Thinking forward!

Many of you have been in touch worried about supplies and whether we will have enough stock for Christmas.

• Currently we have no problems getting stock to us – let me assure you that any shortages of gas, lorry drivers or fuel do not affect us at this time. That’s the beauty of working direct with the farmers!

• Any deliveries that have come from further afield are still coming through OK at this time. I have spoken to those companies (only 3) that do come from outside the county and they do NOT envisage any problems.

• DO NOT PANIC – but of course if you want to panic buy and stock up, give us a ring or better still put an order online ».

Don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself!

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Tony & The Team

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